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a must see in Hawaii! and go ahead and spring for the ambassador package so you have a tour guide who walks you up to each show as it is about to start. So glad these proud heritages are being preserved! Be ready for a long, full day, though! And, I have to say, the buffet was incredibly good! I did not expect the food to be so good, but have to say I skipped dessert just to have more of the fish and rice. Who says that? but it's true! Then the final! Great job by the entire staff putting on a show that really will take your breath away!
Tour Date: October 27, 2017
Posted By: Kathleen

Tour Name: Tour #018: Polynesian Cultural Center – Ambassador Ali'i Luau Package + Admission + Show  
5 Stars (Excellent)
Loved Marlon our guide and the tour of Honolulu and the Punchbowl and National Cemetery on the way to the Pearl Harbor tour. We had plenty of time to see the memorial and Marlon went out of his way to get us back to the hotel on time. Thought it was a good value for the price of the tour.
Tour Date: October 26, 2017
Posted By: Paul L

Tour Name: Tour #309: Royal Star - Deluxe Arizona Memorial + Historical City Tour 
4 Stars
Perhaps the best tour I've been on recently. Our guide Ken was knowledgeable, humorous and patient. The sights were amazing and I never felt rushed, every stop was worthwhile. The Halona blowhole was one of my favorites, it was regularly spouting. At Waimea Falls Park we were literally greeted by 11 wild baby chicks and their mom, who all jumped on our bus as soon as we opened the doors! Well worth the money.
Tour Date: October 25, 2017
Posted By: Ann W

Hometown: Michigan
Tour Name: Tour #130ONT: "Ultimate" Circle Island Adventure with Waimea Waterfall + Lunch
5 Stars (Excellent)
We took the Diamond Head hike with tour guide Tori Schwab on September 28. Tori was so fun, interesting and very caring. It was a very hot morning, and Tori warned us that we would need more water than we thought. Just before we got to the final staircase to the summit, I was overcome from the heat and was out of water. Tori was there almost immediately to make sure I was alright and gave my husband and I extra water that she was carrying. She made sure that I was okay and could make it back down on my own. She even made sure I got a certificate of achievement since I almiost made it all the way
Tour Date: October 24, 2017
Posted By: stacykozik

Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois
Tour Name: Tour #129ONT: Diamond Head Creater Adventure
5 Stars (Excellent)
We did this for my wife and I's 3yr wedding anniversary. It was a lovely cruise, food was good and so was the service. Although you get a complimentary mai tai anything else you would like you have to purchase including soft drink. Crab was good, steak was not amazing. The views were good of the sunset over the water and the view of Honolulu, Waikiki beach and diamond head were fantastic. Crew was fun and entertaining with a romantic story played out in a mix of Hawaiian and Samoan culture.
Tour Date: October 20, 2017
Posted By: Dan

Hometown: Wollongong, Australia
Tour Name: Tour #028: Star Sunset Dinner & Show
5 Stars (Excellent)
Excellent bang for the buck. The buffet was wonderful, plentiful and delicious. Solo singer was excellent; although, a band would have enriched the experience. The ensuing dance party was lively and most joined in. We went for the basic package and noise interference from the next room was bothersome at times, but did not detract from our enjoyment. the captain paid us a visit and was very nice. All in all, would recommend.
Tour Date: October 14, 2017
Posted By: Jeff G

Tour Name: Tour #445: FRIDAY FIREWORKS - Pacific Star Sunset Buffet & Show
5 Stars (Excellent)
Booked this as a party of three and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Lots of information and communication, prior, during and after. Our guide, Jerry, was professional, local and extremely accommodating. With lots of stops, history and amazing volcano sights both in the day and at night I would recommend this trip to all. Door to door service, snacks and drinks on the way and a real insiders view of the island. The evening meal we booked was amazing with great views of the volcano and plenty of time to shop for that must have souvenir.
Tour Date: October 11, 2017
Posted By: cazzi g

Tour Name: Tour #366H: Explore the Night Volcano + Lunch + 3-Course Dinner in “The Rim” Restaurant at the Volcano House ( from Kona
5 Stars (Excellent)
This was an amazing tour! I was flown in from Oahu for this tour, spent the whole day on this tour, and flew back to Oahu that evening. They pick you up/drop off at the hotel and arrange the flights and everything. I didn't have to worry about a thing. This is a highly active tour. We use the van/mini bus to drive to places, but then are walking on dirt trails, over rocks, and among tree roots once we get to the parks. Our guide, YB, was FANTASTIC! Holy cow, *the* best guide I've ever had. He was so genuine-- very excited about the island Hawaii and showing us all that we could see while on the tour so we could love the island just as much as he does. YB had great information, facts, stories, and legends to tell us as we drove; and he was always lighthearted and funny. He took an interest in everyone so he made us feel like the tour was very personal, and he was also accommodating for people of different ability levels while on the trails. You could tell this wasn't just a job for him-- he was genuinely excited to show us the island and very encouraging for us to explore what we could while at the parks. If you can schedule this tour with YB, do it! You won't be sorry.
Tour Date: October 07, 2017
Posted By: Regina R

Tour Name: 33W-Volcano Eco Tour was a blast!
5 Stars (Excellent)
This was a tour of the 'big island' of Hawaii and began with pickup at the hotel at 4:40 a.m., transport to Honolulu airport and a 55 minute flight to Hawaii. There we were met by our guide, 'YB,' who was the best tour guide I have ever had the pleasure of touring with. During the approximately twelve hours that he guided us, he displayed a great depth of knowledge about life on the island and every location that we visited. The highlight of the long day was the Volcano National Park which introduced us to an active volcano, something that could be observed this closely no where else. It was a long, hard day but well worth it.
Tour Date: September 25, 2017
Posted By: jimbauer

Hometown: Ventura, Cal
Tour Name: 33WD One Day-Volcano National Park Tour -
5 Stars (Excellent)
This was a wonderful tour from Kona through the southern end of the island to the volcanos. Our guide, John, was so personable and knowledgeable about everything...the history, the geology, the fauna, and the flora of the area! The van was very comfortable. We made several stops along the way for coffee, etc. We had lunch at a great bakery. The sandwiches and salads were very good. We visited a black sand beach before going up into Volcano National Park. John was terrific in pointing out the different landscapes and unique things about each one. We loved walking through the Thurston Lava Tube. Dinner at the Volcano House was very good! Our pink snapper (the fresh catch) was the best we have had on the island. Then we watched Kilauea do its thing after dark. She really put on a show for us!! John was so attentive to our every need. He was a delightful guide. The tour was almost 12 hours, but it was absolutely worth it in every respect!!
Tour Date: September 20, 2017
Posted By: Mary Ethel G

Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama
Tour Name: Tour #366H: Explore the Night Volcano + Lunch + 3-Course Dinner in “The Rim” Restaurant at the Volcano House ( from Kona
5 Stars (Excellent)

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