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Hawaii Tour Advertures
Marvin was great to work with. He suggested because of time that we schedule a 4 hour limo tour. WE had the most awesome limo driver/tour guide, Lee. He grew up on Honolulu and was able to tell us the history of the island. We learned so much and had the greatest time ever. I am so glad I listened to Marvin and booked the tour!!
Tour Date: May 26, 2018
Posted By: Mercer

Hometown: Pennsylvania
Tour Name: Limousidne City Tour
5 Stars (Excellent)
Tour 34WD One Day Volcano +Helicopter Tour
From our hotel in Oahu, we went to see the Volcano to Hawaii, Big Island and a helicopter ride. It was amazing!! First time in a helicopter and could really see the Volcano from the air. Took many other tours but this was the best. I highly recommend this tour. The tour company was fantastic and Marvin was there every step of the way making sure that everything was going smoothly. It was like having our own personal tour consult.
Tour Date: April 27, 2018
Posted By: Randy

Hometown: Michigan
Tour Name: Tour 34WD One Day Volcano +Helicopter Tour
5 Stars (Excellent)
Hawaii Tour Adventures – Good Prices, Great Tours and Amazing Service.
I called Hawaii Tour Adventures to ask some questions about a tour and forgot about the time difference (4AM in Hawaii) but Marvin picked up and was a great help. We selected the WWII battleship tour. While we were renting a car, we learned the best way to guarantee tickets to the monument was through a paid tour. The tour driver was very knowledgeable and provide the history leading up to Perl Harbor and the attack, later during the city portion of the tour he provide comprehensive history for Hawaii and its culture. We had visited Oahu in the mid 80s and this tour was far better than our previous experience. We also wanted to attend a Luau and Marvin at HTA provided a couple of recommendations. We selected the Ka Moana Luau Celebrity Package because it included tickets to Sealife Park, preferred seating and other perks at the Luau. We had a car so we did not need to pay for transportation. Sealife Park is not on the scale of Sea World, but our kids enjoyed it, particularly the opportunity feed the big sea turtles. We spent about 5 hours at the park and returned later for the Luau. Both our kids enjoyed the pre-show activities and our daughter loved the opportunity to learn a Hula dance (she even ended up on stage during the show). The food was solid, but not great, which is typical from what I read about most Luaus. The show was exceptional and I would highly recommend it. While in Oahu we wanted to hike Diamond Head, snorkel in Hanauma Bay and visit Kualoa ranch to see the movie sites. Even though Marvin sold tours for these activities he helped us do this on our own to save some money and gave us many other sites to visit while in Hawaii. Leading up the trip Marvin called us regularly and we spoke daily while in Hawaii, he even gave some great restaurant recommendation. I can honestly say that I’ve never had such a great experience with any company. Marvin and Hawaii Tour Adventures made our trip to Hawaii a memorable experience that our whole family will cherish for life. Thanks again Marvin!
Tour Date: April 24, 2018
Posted By: James B

Hometown: Missouri
Tour Name: 8ABC BattleShips of WWll
5 Stars (Excellent)
Organized Tour Specialist
Great service. Marvin is very good at keeping us informed of what's going to happen during the tour. He calls before the tour to make sure we are ready. Our tour guide in the Big Island was very informative. He knows the area by heart. We were on schedule for all of our stops. Plenty of photo opportunities.
Tour Date: April 20, 2018
Posted By: Sharon

Hometown: California
Tour Name: #301 Kualoa ATV Adventure Package
5 Stars (Excellent)
Polynesian Cultural Center
Overall the tour was very good with great seats at the show. I did have an issue with pick-up. The time was 10:20 with check-in 10 minutes before. We arrived at 10:11 and were made to feel we held up the bus. Really! There were still 9 minutes to departure. Also during the drive I received 3 calls from the office. The first one asking where we were, apparently the guide had called the office when we were 1 minute late for check-in. The second must have been when we were out of cell range because there was no one on the line. The third was asking me about a tour I wasn't even booked on. The calls caused me embarrassment as they interrupted the guides commentary.
Tour Date: April 19, 2018
Posted By: Saint John

Hometown: Canada
Tour Name: #006 Polynesian Cultral Center+ Show + Admission
5 Stars (Excellent)
Best tour ever!<br />
Before we decided to go on this tour, my opinion of the island of Oahu was completely different. We had only stayed in Waikiki and like it because there were many options for food and the stores kept the kids entertained. However, it was crowded and very similar to our Southern California home. We decided to take the tour because we wanted to go to Pearl Harbor and the tours at the hotel were similar in price, but didn’t include all of the other stops that this tour had. It was the best decision EVER! The experience was wonderful from making the reservations to taking the tour. Marvin, who helped me with the reservations, was excellent in providing information and sending me reminders in advance. I didn’t have to deal with different people. Our tour guide, Hana, was simply delightful and extremely knowledgeable. The BEST tour guide we have ever had. He talked throughout the tour, providing us information on the sights and island. We felt like we were getting a full lesson on the island and customs without having to do any research. He is a great story teller. Our kids, who get bored easily, were completely engaged. Everyone loved the tour and learned a lot along the way.
Tour Date: April 17, 2018
Posted By: Mrs Helling

Hometown: Temecular California
Tour Name: #21WMD: One Day - Maui - Road To Hana Eco Adventure + Continental Breakfast + Hana Ranch Delicious Buffet Lunch + Swimming ( from Oahu )
5 Stars (Excellent)
Marvin at Hawaii Tour Adventures
Fantastic service. Marvin called us before each tour and followed up after each tour to make sure that we enjoyed the experience. He set up a special day at Honolulu when another planned excursion did not occur that allowed us to tour Pearl Harbour and Waikiki Beach, then get us to the airport for a late departure. He had arranged for our luggage to be secure while we fully enjoyed our final day at Honolulu. I will definitely be using Marvin again when we return to Hawaii.
Tour Date: April 10, 2018
Posted By: Ron

Hometown: Canada
Tour Name: #2AD- The Complete Pearl Harbor Experience
5 Stars (Excellent)
a must see in Hawaii! and go ahead and spring for the ambassador package so you have a tour guide who walks you up to each show as it is about to start. So glad these proud heritages are being preserved! Be ready for a long, full day, though! And, I have to say, the buffet was incredibly good! I did not expect the food to be so good, but have to say I skipped dessert just to have more of the fish and rice. Who says that? but it's true! Then the final! Great job by the entire staff putting on a show that really will take your breath away!
Tour Date: October 27, 2017
Posted By: Kathleen

Tour Name: Tour #018: Polynesian Cultural Center – Ambassador Ali'i Luau Package + Admission + Show  
5 Stars (Excellent)
Loved Marlon our guide and the tour of Honolulu and the Punchbowl and National Cemetery on the way to the Pearl Harbor tour. We had plenty of time to see the memorial and Marlon went out of his way to get us back to the hotel on time. Thought it was a good value for the price of the tour.
Tour Date: October 26, 2017
Posted By: Paul L

Tour Name: Tour #309: Royal Star - Deluxe Arizona Memorial + Historical City Tour 
4 Stars
Perhaps the best tour I've been on recently. Our guide Ken was knowledgeable, humorous and patient. The sights were amazing and I never felt rushed, every stop was worthwhile. The Halona blowhole was one of my favorites, it was regularly spouting. At Waimea Falls Park we were literally greeted by 11 wild baby chicks and their mom, who all jumped on our bus as soon as we opened the doors! Well worth the money.
Tour Date: October 25, 2017
Posted By: Ann W

Hometown: Michigan
Tour Name: Tour #130ONT: "Ultimate" Circle Island Adventure with Waimea Waterfall + Lunch
5 Stars (Excellent)

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